Monday, September 14, 2015

3rd Floor Up

The days started
getting slower
and faster

And I lost interest,
But at the same time
they raced and I couldn't see them pass.

And the women behind a big desk let me talk,
and I told the truth
But I also lied.

And didn't mention
that maybe I just thought
this was the new constant.

Because the truth felt too much like
something that could make her

But she handed me
a folded up paper,
over and on itself.

With the words
[   ]
laced across the top.

And it felt fake
and I felt fake.

And it felt oversensitive and
and meant


But heaviness hung over my face,
framing it,
like those bangs, I tried to grow out,
when I tried to grow up.

Riley Welch

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