Saturday, February 28, 2015

State Change

Laughing sunshine days
A cool breeze
But there's still bright light
Washing over you

You'd be drowned in it if you could
Splashing happy

Lapping waves of crystal clear

Hello familiar friend

You're warm today.

Riley Welch

Friday, February 27, 2015

Favorite Fridays

This week's post is two in a series of seven, the first of which can be seen in last weeks Favorite Friday post.

The author has asked to remain anonymous. 

Tuesday came at just the right time, and Tuesday was almost your first everything. Tuesday liked to talk hockey with you, and his hand would lazily drift under the waistline of your pants during games. He acted like he hated your team, but by the end of your relationship he knew all the players. Tuesday was 3am adventures, and Tuesday was spending all weekend in his bed. Tuesday was stolen hats and blue bandanas. When he kissed you it felt like fireworks, and everything about him drove you crazy in a mostly good way. But then Tuesday slept with your best friend, and tried to keep it a secret. He suddenly became the water on a butterfly’s wing, rendering it flightless. You wanted to hate him, being that small little butterfly, but you just couldn’t shake the water. Even when you couldn’t stand the sight of him, you still wanted him. He was secrets, and lies, and oh so appealing. Finally, he became a guilty pleasure, and you shared a secret. You shared a secret that would destroy people. But you didn’t do it for the right reasons. You wanted to hurt the way that you were hurt, and didn’t care who you dragged down in the process. You became sneaky, and the ink oozed between the cracks of your heart, slowly smothering and suffocating it. Tuesday was never what you wanted, but at the time he was what you needed. Tuesday taught you that even though you touted the innocent act, you were capable of the ability to destruct; remaining dormant until activated. Oh how thrilling it was to hurt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Two Temperamental Two Line Tuesday Thoughts

There is not enough caffeine
In the world for me today.

Wifi should be a requirement.
I want to get paid.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very Old Ode

Today's poem is a very old one, that I dug out of some old poetry journals. I remember writing it at a coffee shop, which was confirmed by the solid coffee ring on the bottom of the page. My junior and senior year's of high school most of my poetry was written on single paper sheets I folded into quarters, I posted a picture under the poem to show how sloppy things tend to be.

Here's an ode to all worriers, soldiers of distress,
If anything holds any doubt, we tend to hold protest.
For any indefinite change holds our stomachs in a knot,
It's the downfall of the conclusion that consumes our every thought.

While "chill out" and "just relax" cannot relieve anxiety,
People still push these words on us to fit into society.
Whether it's a new haircut, an unpaid bill, or a dark walk at night,
The worrying still tends to hold us very tight.

Even though hair grows, you've got enough cash, and you live in a good part of town,
You jump at every creak, holler, or little scuttling sound.

Here's an ode to the brave, the daring and dashing and dauntless.
If anything holds any doubt, we run head first into the darkness.
For any indefinite change holds our stomachs in a knot,
For the excitement of what comes next consumes our every thought.

While others cower and crouch in fear, we are here to help.
Because the unknown answer solving is the best feeling we've ever felt.
Whether it's a cat in a tree, an old enemy, or a dark walk at night,
The bravery still tends to hold us very tight.

Because we've got ladders, and chivalry, and an old flashlight,
So deep in our hearts, we know everything will be alright.

Here's an ode to all daydreamers, pursuers of curiousness,
If anythings hold any doubts, we choose to investigate this.
For any indefinite change holds our stomachs in a knot,
Because the greatness of our imaginations consumes our every thought.

While no one understands where our ideas come from,
Our minds perceive things differently, it's not just all hum-drum.
Whether it's a picture to paint, a new kid in town, or a dark walk at night,
The daydreams still tends to hold us very tight.

For we can be creative, and friendly, mindful
Our brains are always working during sun-up and nightfall.

Here's an ode to the lovers, the kind and caring of heart,
If anything holds any doubt, on passion we will embark.
For any indefinite change holds our stomachs in a knot,
The prosperity of others consumes our every thought.

While often people are self-centered, -indulgent, and -interested,
We find we feel most refreshed when we keep others incorporated.
Whether it's a child, a Wednesday, or a dark walk at night,
The loving still tends to hold us very tight.

Well, we know how to give, and keep up, and keep open,
Our persistence in devotion will never be broken.

Here's an ode to everyone, all across the place,
If anything holds any doubt, together it will be faced.
For any indefinite change, our stomachs should not knot
For this congregation can think up illuminating thoughts.

While some of us will cower, and others think and comfort,
With all our diversities, we will become unnumbered.
Whether it's a great invasion, an ending, or just a dark walk at night,
Together we can hold quite tight.

Because we are worriers and daydreamers and heroes and lovers,
And learners and thinkers and teachers and can assist each other.

Riley Welch

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sudden Fires

Running against water color sunrises
Had always been what he was best at
But this orange and red fury
Went up violently,
And quick

He hadn't seen it coming
And at his food that morning
Just as slow as always
Enjoying every second before the hunt
Spoon reflecting nights sparkling stars
Before white light lit it up

The stars stayed there
But their light was no longer unmatched

And while small drips of oatmeal
Ran down his bowl
He saw the break of dawn

Heart rate rapid
This is too soon
Too unexpected

The seasons hadn't changed yet
And the clocks hadn't been set back
Or forward
Not here
Not yet

But here was morning, uninvited.
Too soon.

And while he had always been best
At the chase

He had to relearn how to survive this morning.

Riley Welch

Friday, February 20, 2015

Favorite Fridays

I know its been a while since a Favorite Friday post has been made, but I am excited about what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks! Today's poem is one in a series of seven, the remaining poems will be posted in the following weeks, in order. I really love these poems, they are beautifully written and very honest. 

The author has asked to remain anonymous.

Monday came on a sunny summer morning and criticized your writing and told you that you drew mountains wrong. Monday chastised you when he flirted with you but asked about your life hopes and dreams. Monday made you think, and Monday made you confused. He told you that you had the personality of a prom queen, and laughed when you didn’t understand. He was 4 years older and mysterious and scandalous. You were young and innocent and naive; and never had your heart broken. You were scared of commitment and didn’t want to get hurt because you knew you were going to leave. Monday wanted to ask you out on a date but you indirectly told him not to. He tried to make you jealous with a green card marriage even though you pretended like you weren’t. Then you went away for two weeks and only thought about him the entire damn time. You fought his crooked smile and his exasperated laugh. He left without saying goodbye and you hated yourself for it. You hated yourself for feeling like a part of you was ripped from your bones, because you swore you would never be dependent. He was the type of boy who taught you to make milkshakes but then left his sweatshirt in your best friends car when you went to New Mexico.  You missed your chance with Monday, but he sure as hell taught you something. Monday taught you that to take every chance you get, and that in the end the pretty girls win. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More White Noise

The reasons I write vary
Depending on day, topic, and state of mind

But all in all
When an idea rushes in
It's the pending need to empty my mind

Like the world becomes white noise
And it is all white noise I don't care about

Because in that moment I am only here to put ink to paper
To napkin
To surface

And the rest of everyone can keep on
Keeping on

And I'll rejoin you soon
When my head is empty and my page is full

My favorite type of transfer there is.

Riley Welch

Monday, February 16, 2015


One Two Three
Swift running waterfalls
Perfection pinpointed
Cool, clear

Over Pebbles

Rocks and stones
To a flush deep grey

Trickling over tops

And filling ponds up


Riley Welch

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five Fast Five Line Friday Thoughts

Babies are real cute
If they had super suits
They could
More or less
Care for themselves

Excel is easy
Anyone who disagrees
Doesn't know the short cuts
So for that
I am sorry

Sweet notes
Sweet drinks
Bright orange
Is the only way
To share love

Lab always smells the same
And the printer
Only works
If you will it to
With your brain

It's hot in the sun
but cold in the shade
It's February
I just want
One more cold day

Riley Welch

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Red Prints

So my cold was actually the flu, but now I'm much better and have updated poetry! 

Today is a numb day
The sky finally cleared up
But my head hangs heavy
Full of thoughts
And today they are dense
And they are not stopping
And fighting through thick fog
And never this hard

So today is a numb day
And tomorrow might be light 
And thoughtless

But today is not. 

Riley Welch

Monday, February 2, 2015

I seem to have caught a fairly bad cold and will unfortunately be stopping posting until I'm feeling a bit better. Hopefully just this week!