Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Blue-Grey Collection

In order to encourage myself to write, I carry a notebook around with me almost everywhere I go. My notebook of late has been one with a blue-grey spine. I have run through that notebook, so here is the poem that I wrote about the Blue-Grey Series. Now onto another!

This series was popping frustration
Scribbled on blank notebook pages
And relief and rage
And green leaves filling in where dead ones left off

This was dry

This was everything I thought would come of these months
Some days were more and some days were less.
But the average was exactly as expected.

It's rather disappointing

To be neither over-
Or under-

This was sometimes heavy with feelings
That couldn't reach the page the right way

And sometimes so light and lacking
That it wouldn't stick to the pulp no matter how hard the ink pushed.

But it still means something

Deep down on tongue tied pages.

Maybe the spring will be brighter, and lighter, and more satisfying.

I'll have to wait and see.

Riley Welch

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